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By Mary Baxter

ISBN-10: 0883682796

ISBN-13: 9780883682791

Over a interval of 40 days, God gave Mary ok. Baxter visions of hell and commissioned her to inform all to settle on existence. here's an account of where and beings of hell contrasted with the glories of heaven. it's a reminder of the necessity every one people has for the miracle of salvation

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I will give You my heart now, Jesus. I will tell others about Your forgiveness. I will witness for You. " Jesus said, "My Word is true, and it declares that all must repent and turn from their sins and ask Me to come into their lives if they are to escape this place. Through My blood there is forgiveness of sins. I faithful and just and will forgive all those who come to Me. " Jesus spoke very softly. "Woman," He said, "you were given many opportunities to repent, but you hardened your heart and would not.

Be good to each other. For Jesus' sake, be kind and forgiving to one another. If you are angry with someone, forgive him. No anger is worth going to hell for. Be forgiving as Christ forgives us of our sins. Jesus is able to keep us if we have a repentant heart and will let His blood cleanse us from all sin. Love your children, and love your neighbor as yourself. " 37 4 4 More Pits T he next night Jesus and I went again into the right leg of hell. I saw as before the love Jesus had for the souls that are lost in hell.

Resist the devil while you still may, and he will flee from you. " 47 5 5 The Tunnel of Fear I tried to remember the preaching I had heard about hell. But never had I heard about such dreadful things as the Lord had shown me here. Hell was infinitely worse than anyone could think or imagine. It hurt me so to know that the souls that are now in torment in hell will be there for eternity. There is no way out. I am determined that I will do everything in my power to save souls from these horrors. I must Preach the gospel to everyone I meet, for hell is a frightful place, and this is a true report.

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