Martin Laird's A Sunlit Absence: Silence, Awareness, and Contemplation PDF

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By Martin Laird

ISBN-10: 0195378725

ISBN-13: 9780195378726

"The perform of contemplation is likely one of the nice religious arts," writes Martin Laird in A Sunlit Absence. "Not a strategy yet a ability, it harnesses the winds of grace that lead us out into the releasing sea of silence." during this spouse quantity to his bestselling Into the Silent Land, Laird specializes in a top quality frequently missed by means of books on Christian meditation: an unlimited and flowing spaciousness that embraces either silence and sound, and transcends all subject/object dualisms. Drawing at the knowledge of serious contemplatives from St. Augustine and St. Teresa of Avila to St. Hesychios, Simone Weil, and so on, Laird exhibits how we will discover the deeper degrees of know-how that relaxation inside of us like buried treasure ready to be came upon. the most important perception of the ebook is that as our perform matures, so will our adventure of life's ordeals, sorrows, and joys extend into beneficiant, receptive adulthood. We discover ways to see no matter what problems we adventure in meditation--boredom, lethargy, conceitedness, melancholy, grief, anxiety--not as stumbling blocks to be triumph over yet as possibilities to perform quit to what's. With readability and charm Laird exhibits how we will be able to stream clear of picking out with our turbulent, ever-changing techniques and feelings to the cultivation of a "sunlit absence"--the luminous understanding during which God's presence can so much profoundly be felt. Addressed to either rookies and intermediates at the pathless course of nonetheless prayer, A Sunlit Absence deals clever counsel at the specifics of contemplative perform in addition to an inspiring imaginative and prescient of the aim of such perform and the principal position it could possibly play in our religious lives.

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My world fell apart. When your girlfriend tells you 28 A Sunlit Absence she just wants to be friends, it means that you’ll have lunch maybe a couple of times, then she won’t have anything to do with you. We’ll be like strangers. I think I must have been in shock or something, but everything from the moment she said this seemed like it was happening in slow motion. For the next couple of days I just repeated our last conversation over and over again to myself, trying to remember if there was some way I misunderstood her, that she wasn’t really breaking it off.

16 Nowadays we call this a prayer bench, which we place over our calves and sit on, with the back straight but not rigid. The bench is angled to facilitate the back’s natural s-curve and encourages a sturdy, alert posture. These prayer benches are fairly popular, quite googleable, and not especially inexpensive. Still others prefer a prayer cushion. But most prefer to sit in a chair. In any case the body’s solid, stable posture contributes to prayer by 16 A Sunlit Absence its stable, alert tripod solidity.

10 Intellectually I understood that my friends were trying to help me. But the thought that they betrayed me gets me mind-tripping on self-pity, and I almost always just go with it. If I can see myself as being a victim, I can more easily stay in denial of the issues that concerned my friends. In a weird sort of way being this victim was more comforting than the fact that my behavior was making me ill and that my friends thought Our Collection of Videos they needed to let someone know. I can see that I do this.

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