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By Guangwu Feng

ISBN-10: 1849509344

ISBN-13: 9781849509343

The general goal of this e-book is to improve a Gricean theoretical framework of traditional implicature during which chinese language pragmatic markers might be accommodated. It has associated targets. first of all it units out to boost a idea of traditional implicature. traditional implicature is itself a hugely debatable time period, understood very otherwise through a number of manufacturers of latest pragmatic conception, and is a pivotal proposal within the debates among the Gricean and Neo-Gricean theorists at the one hand and proponents of Relevance idea at the different. This ebook deals an exemplary research and definition of what's fascinated about those present debates, and it either clarifies and 'problematises' a wide variety of linked concerns. the second one goal is to supply a principled and systematic research of pragmatic markers in chinese language. Markers of this kind (and quite a number interconnnected different types together with discourse debris) were the topic of excessive research lately, and this certain learn of chinese language markers is a contribution during this zone that is of considerable significance, either theoretical and empirical.

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Both of them are a ‘‘development of the logical form encoded by the utterance’’ (Sperber and Wilson, 1986/ 1995:182), or the result of enrichment to the logical form or conventional sentence meaning. So there is no such thing as generalized conversational implicature, but there is an explicature – an enriched version of the Gricean notion of what is said. Bach’s (1994) view is that a speaker can communicate something without making it fully explicit in two different ways: completion when an utterance is semantically underdeterminate and expansion when the utterance expresses a complete proposition which does not coincide with the proposition meant by the speaker.

Therefore, this is likely to obscure the fact that it is pragmatic in nature. According to Levinson (2000: 21–27), this mistake results from the prevailing assumption that there are just two levels to a theory of communication: a level of sentence meaning, which is to be explicated by a theory of grammar, and a level of speaker meaning, which is to be explicated by a theory of pragmatics. He takes this standard line of thought as ‘‘parsimonious’’, and indeed ‘‘potentially pernicious’’. On his view, generalized conversational implicature is the intermediate layer of a theory of communication, which is a regular, recurrent and systematic pragmatic inference based not on direct computations about speaker-intentions but rather on general expectations about how language is normally used.

Consider again Grice’s (1975) example, repeated here as (14): (14) a. b. Bill is meeting a woman this evening. Bill is meeting a woman [who is not his wife, mother, or sister] this evening. Echoing Grice (1975), Levinson treats (14b) as the generalized conversational implicature derived from (14a), using his Q[uantity]heuristic (based on Grice’s first maxim of quantity). It is the preferred interpretation of (14a), because ‘‘the speaker has failed to be specific in a way in which he might have been expected to be specific, with the consequence that it is likely to be assumed that he is not in a position to be specific’’ (Grice, 1989: 38).

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