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By Alessandra Giorgi

ISBN-10: 0199571899

ISBN-13: 9780199571895

This ebook considers the semantic and syntactic nature of indexicals - linguistic expressions, as in I, you, this, that, the previous day, tomorrow, whose reference shifts from utterance to utterance.There is a long-standing controversy to whether the semantic reference element is already current as syntactic fabric or if it is brought post-syntactically via semantic ideas of interpretation. Alessandra Giorgi resolves this controversy via an empirically grounded exploration of temporal indexicality, arguing that the speaker's temporal position is laid out in the syntactic constitution. She helps her research with theoretical and empirical arguments in line with information from English, Italian, chinese language, and Romanian. Professor Giorgi addresses a few tough and longstanding concerns within the research of temporal phenomena - together with the Italian imperfect indicative, the houses of the so-called future-in-the-past, and the houses of loose oblique Discourse - and indicates that her framework can account elegantly for them all. conscientiously argued, succinct, and obviously written her booklet will allure commonly to semanticists in linguistics and philosophy from graduate point upwards and to linguists drawn to the syntax-semantics interface.

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Therefore, the result is the establishing of a relation between the embedded event and the superordinate one. 16 For further discussion, see also Higginbotham (2002). 26 The Speaker’s Projection The relation can be precede, follow, or overlap. Let e be the subordinate event, and e’ the event of the main clause. The precedence relation accounts for past — e’ precedes e — and future — e follows e’ — interpretation. The overlapping relation — e » e’ — is the one required by the present tense. The following diagram gives a representation of the past tense relation: (27) T(e1,e2) e2(÷) T (e1, e’) T V(e1) precede (e, e’) V e1 The same representation would hold with the predicates follow and overlap, giving rise to a future and present tense interpretation respectively.

Gianni credeva che Maria abitasse/*abiti a Roma Gianni believed that Maria lived(past subj)/* lives(pres subj) in Rome ii. 3 The Subjunctive 41 To conclude this section, on one hand, it can be claimed that Sequence of Tense for the indicative verbal forms follows rules that are totally different with respect to those holding for subjunctive. On the other hand, the evidence discussed in (62) seems to show that the subjunctive can to a certain extent have an autonomous temporal status. 3. For the time being, note that, in spite of the fact that in most cases the subjunctive does not have an independent temporal interpretation of its own, it is not true that it is always immune from DAR effects.

Crucially, I am not hypothesizing the presence of two morphemes, one of which is covert. 14 Giorgi and Pianesi (2001a). 15 On the notion of predication see the seminal work by Williams (1980). On secondary predication see among others Legendre (1997). 2 The Double Access Reading 25 Giorgi and Pianesi (1997) proposed that the present tense is a default value and not an actual predicate represented in T, the only predicate being precedence. Both follow and overlap could be dispensed with. The proposal advocated here is in principle compatible with that view.

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