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By Edwin John Dingle;Ding Le Mei

ISBN-10: 0979415454

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Within the early 1900s a guy named Edwin John Dingle launched into a impressive mapping excursion of China. Overcoming fabulous odds and plenty of risky events that threatened his existence, he succeeded in his challenge, crossing parts of China the place no Westerner had ever been sooner than, and finally reached Tibet. There, he turned one of many first Westerners (if no longer the 1st) to review in a Tibetan monastery. Upon his eventual go back to the West, he shared what he had realized in China and Tibet with others and got here to be recognized to hundreds of thousands as Ding Le Mei. right here, in his personal phrases, is Edwin Dingle's account of that unimaginable trip.

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The nature of the country as far as T'an-t'eo, ten li this side of which the Szech'wan border is reached, is not exhausting, although the traveler is offered some rough and wild climbing. The next day's stage, to Lao-wa-t'an, is miserably bad. At certain places it is cut out of the rock, at others it runs in the bed of the river, which is dotted everywhere with roaring rapids (as we are ascending very quickly), and when the water is high these roads are submerged and often impassable. In some places it was a six-inch path along the mountain slope, with a gradient of from sixty to seventy degrees, and landslips and rains are ever changing the path.

His classics were the Alpha and _Omega_; he worshipped them. This era has now passed away. At the present moment there are upwards of twenty thousand Chinese students in Tokyo[H]--whither they went because Japan is the most convenient country wherein to acquire Western knowledge. The new learning, the new learning--they must have the new learning! No high office is ever again likely to be given but to him who has more of Western knowledge than Chinese knowledge. And mere striplings, nursed in the lap of the mission schools, and there given a good grounding in Western education, these are the men far more likely to pass the new examinations.

He almost cried over me, to think that I, that I, his master, of all people in the world, should doubt his allegiance to me. "I no 'fraid," he declared. "P'laps master no savee. Sui-fu b'long velly big place, have got plenty European. ' I think you catchee one piecee boat, makee go up the river. P'laps I think you have got velly tired--no wantchee makee more walkee--that no b'long ploper. " And at last I melted. There was nothing else to do. CHAPTER VI. 34 That no one ever walked to Sui-fu from this place the district potentate assured me in a private chit, which I could not read, when he laid his gunboat at my disposal.

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