New PDF release: Agrarian Change in Central Rainlands: Sudan

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By Salih Mohamed

ISBN-10: 917106270X

ISBN-13: 9789171062703

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CO -wives. homesteads T h e duration of a husband's depends primarily on t h e distance If t h e y a r e l o c a t e d in villages f a r a p a r t , h e m a y spend up t o a week o r m o r e in e a c h a t a time. If t h e y a r e in neighbouring villages his s t a y in e a c h usually l a s t s t h r e e days; if t h e y a r e in t h e s a m e village h e m a y spend only o n e night in each. Each homestead, irrespective of i t s composition, c o n s t i t u t e s a household and a basic unit of production.

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