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By Jan Roskam

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Moment Library reproduction. San Diego Air and house Museum.

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In the case of rigid airplanes these mass elements mamtain their distance relative to each other except for mass elements which are part of rotating machinery (such as compressors, turbines and propellers) or which are part of a variable sweep wing. Each mass element is subject to the acceleration of gravity, g. 1 the vector g is assumed to be oriented along the positive Z' axis. Thisis the so-called flat earth assumption. As a consequence, a force QAgdv = gdm acts on each mass element. The quantity QA represents the local mass density of the airplane.

The expansion will be done in three steps. s. 21) are referred to as the moments and products of inertia of the airplane. Common symbols used for these integral quantities (inertias) are as follows: Iv (y2 + i 2)Q Adv = Ixx Iv (x2 + z2)QAdv Iv (x2 Chapter 1 f XYQAdv = Ixy. 17) Forces: FA = iFA, + jF Ay + kFA, (U8a) for the aerodynamic fOrce components. By a special orientation of the XYZ coordinate system relative to the airplane these forces wjl! be showntQ be the drag. jet forces respectively.

This program is compatible witb most Apollo, Sun, Silicon Graphics, mM and DEC work-stations as well as witb certain types of personal computers. The AAA program can be purchased from DARCorporation, 120 East Nintb Street, Suite 2, Lawrence, Kansas 66044, USA. " In Chapter 1 tbe general equations of motion are developed for a rigid airplane. These equations are tben specialized into sets which apply to steady state and perturbed state flight conditions respectively. Before these equations can be used to help in tbeanalysis and design of airplanes it is necessary to develop malhemati~al models for tbe aerodynamic and thrust forces and moments which act on an airplane.

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