Carson Herrington (Project Director)'s Arts of the A TEACHER’S GUIDE Islamic World PDF

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By Carson Herrington (Project Director)

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They can also be rolled into cylinders and suspended from the classroom ceiling like mosque lamps. Assessment and Evaluation Did the student participate in the analysis of the mosque lamp? Did the student complete the project by folding, cutting, and drawing to create infinite, nonfigural patterns? Did the student use colored cellophane or tissue paper to back the cut paper design so that the object resembled a mosque lamp? ” The full citation is only one numbered verse in the Koran chapter entitled Nur (The light) and is as follows: Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth.

Identify What is the object, and what is its function? describe What materials are used to create this object? What are its recurring patterns, designs, and motifs? How are the designs organized? Is there a point of interest, and, if so, how has the artist created it? Are the motifs purely decorative, or are they representational as well? a n a ly z e What part of the world does this object come from? Who might have owned it, and how or where might it have been purchased? interpret What type of blessing, inscription, or symbol would be attractive to a prospective buyer?

Allah sets forth Parables for men: and Allah doth know all things. ” Write a paragraph on the layers of imagery in this verse and what they might mean about light as a metaphor for faith, knowledge, or the 56 ARTS OF THE ISLAMIC WORLD 2 spiritual journey to enlightenment. Instead of an essay, you may write a poem or draw or paint a picture inspired by this image. Compare this complex metaphor of light from the Koran to poetic or scriptural descriptions of light and darkness in other cultures and religions and the symbolic meanings related to good and evil, knowledge and ignorance, and the seen and the unseen.

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Arts of the A TEACHER’S GUIDE Islamic World by Carson Herrington (Project Director)

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