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By Edited by Richard A. Falk By (author) David Krieger

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Geschichte Des Unendlichkeitsproblems Im Abendlandischen Denken Bis Kant (1896)

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As the Dr. Strangeloves at the nuclear weapons labs got back in the saddle, questions of nuclear arms control, nonproliferation, and disarmament became increasingly isolated from issues of concern to most ordinary people-including issues of war and peace-and increasingly relegated to elite policy circles inside the beltway. This trend was exacerbated when a number of national organizations that had worked on nuclear weapons issues moved their headquarters to Washington, DC, some even closing their field offices.

Accounting for inflation, this is one and a half times the average annual spending during the Cold War years. It's difficult to calculate, but by some estimates, if you add the money going to modernize the warheads' means of delivery-ground-based missiles, submarines, and bombers-it is believed that the United States is spending about $54 billion a 32 • JACQUELINE CABASSO year on its nuclear forces, more than the entire military budget of nearly every other individual country in the world. S. NucLEAR PosTURE REviEW Following the 9/ll attacks, the Bush administration openly declared the potential first use of nuclear weapons-even against countries that don't have them.

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