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By Peter M. Grosz

Aviatik D.I. КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Aviatik D.I. (Windsock Datafile 45)ByPeter M. GroszPublisher: Albatros Productions Ltd1994 forty PagesISBN: 094841460XPDF20 MBThe Aviatik D.I, sometimes called Berg D.I or the Berg Fighter' (due to the truth that it was once designed via Oberingenieur Julius von Berg), was once the 1st indigenous fighter airplane of the Austro-Hungarian Air carrier (Luftfahrtruppen).Work at the prototype all started in August 1916, whereas the 1st flight of the Aviatik D.I prototype, marked 30.14, happened at sixteenth October 1916 at Aspern, regrettably killing the try pilot. importing BitroadDepositfiles eighty five 1 2 three four five

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