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By Eric Goodger, Ray Vere

ISBN-10: 1349069043

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6 Bibliography M. L. Penniston-Bird, 'Alkylation ; isomerization ; polymerization, hydrodesulphurization ; sulphur production, in G. D. Hobson and W. 345-74 S. A. Berridge , 'Finishing processes', in G. D. Hobson and W. 375-439 J. W. Ward, 'Varieties of hydrocracking', Hydrocarbon Processing, September 1975 38 5 Specification Test Methods The comb ined expertise derived from fuel production, handling and use permits a pattern of property limitations to be specified which together help balance the opp osing demands for satisfactory performance, production availability and cost control.

At °c, max . 20% vol. at °c, max. 50 % vol. at "C , max . 90 % vol. at °c, max. End point , °c, max . Flash point , °c min. 8°C, kPa, min . max . Density at 15°C , kg/I, min . max . Composition Acidity , total, mg KOH/g, max. , max . 0lefins, % vol. , max. Sulphur, total, % mass, max . Sulphur, mercaptan, % mass, max. 0 Less than 3 17 Notes 1. 15 volume per cent of Fuel System Icing Inhibitor, NATO Code No . S-748 (DERD 2451), Joint Services Designation (JSD) AL-31 , and an approved corrosion inhibitor/lubricity improving additive as listed in Approved Products List (APL) 2461 .

The liquid on the tray then starts to run back down the tower where it meets rising vapours, the interaction of the liquid refluxing with the vapours 22 making separation of the different boiling fractions more precise. At equilibrium conditions, each tray will collect liquid of a specific boiling fraction, which is then drawn off from the tower as a sidestream . The heavy residues do not vaporise in the flash zone but fall to the bottom of the tower, taking some of the lighter boiling fractions with them.

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