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By Olga Miseska Tomic

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The e-book bargains with a few syntactic and semantic facets of the shared Balkan Sprachbund homes. In a accomplished introductory bankruptcy, Tomić deals an outline of the Balkan Sprachbund homes. Sobolev, exhibiting the areal distribution of sixty five houses, argues for dialect cartography. Friedman, at the instance of the evidentials, argues for typologically proficient areal clarification of the Balkan homes. the opposite contributions examine particular phenomena: polidefinite DPs in Greek and Aromanian (Campos and Stavrou), Balkan buildings within which datives mix with impersonal clitics or non-active morphology (Rivero), Balkan optatives (Ammann and Auwera), valuable strength within the Balkan languages (Isac and Jakab), clitic placement in Greek imperatives (Bošković), targeted ingredients in Romanian and Bulgarian (Hill), artificial and analytic tenses in Romanian (D'Hulst, Coene and Avram), "purpose-like" amendment in a few Balkan languages (Bužarovska), Balkan modal existential “wh”-constructions (Grosu), baby and grownup suggestions in analyzing empty matters in Serbian/Croatian (Stojanović and Marelj), conditional sentences in Judeo-Spanish (Montoliu and Auwera).

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Subj from sun. ’ d. aor at end a dress which/what s-mi ariseascã. cl ˇcueme vestite. ’ Bu b. pres ˇce si otivam. ’ Ro c. mod s˘a-l angaj˘am. ’ MG d. Irtha ja na se voithiso. ’ (60) a. 36 (2316-2381) Olga Mišeska Tomi´c Nevertheless, the relativizer and the preposition can be left out, and in some languages do not occur at all, and then the clause is open to ambiguities. Bužarovska (this volume) examines the syntactic environments that favor the realization of an isofunctional syntactic pattern, which occurs in the mixed domain of purpose and modification in Macedonian, Aromanian, Albanian and Modern Greek.

Dža! te duci! ti du¸t! ti duts! 38 (2444-2490) Olga Mišeska Tomi´c Bare subjunctive constructions are dealt with by two papers in this volume. While Ammann and Auwera demonstrate that bare subjunctive constructions are used to express volition not only in the languages of the Balkans, but also elsewhere in southern Europe, Isac and Jakab are concerned with the derivation of the imperative force of the structure and propose that the imperative Force features be hosted in MoodP – a projection placed in the left periphery of the sentence, which is lower than the highest CP projection.

L-part dvama sina.  Albanian In Albanian there are two sets of synthetic and four sets of analytic evidential forms. Typically, the Albanian evidential forms express admiration,52 surprise or irony: (78) TI (me të vërtetë) flitke kinezçe. ’ Al The Albanian evidential forms are also used to assert the occurrence of an action or the existence of a state:53 (79) a. Ai (vërtetë) flitka kinezçe. ’ b. part thikën. sg every ditë. ’ Al b. Particle afroheshkan retë. ’ (80) a. 55 The existence of evidential forms in Megleno-Romanian cannot, however, be disputed.

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