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By Brian Lies

Houghton Mifflin corporation one other inky evening’s here— The air is cool and calm and clear.
Can it's actual? Oh, can it be?
Yes! —Bat evening on the library!

Join the free-for-all enjoyable on the public library with those book-loving bats! form shadows on partitions, frolic within the water fountain, and roam the book-filled halls till it’s time for everybody, old and young, to cool down into the appeal of tale time. Brian Lies’ cheerful critters and their nocturnal party forged library visits in a brand new mild. Even the youngest of readers may want to sign up for the batty book-fest!

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More recently, J. K. Rowling has drawn upon the flexibility of the word “creature” in her depiction of one peculiarly complex being within her magical bestiary; the role of “Kreacher” the house-elf in the later volumes of the Harry Potter series offers a rare instance of the text advocating benevolence toward non-human others, shown most acutely in Dumbledore’s call to kindness: I warned Sirius when we adopted twelve Grimmauld Place as our Headquarters that Kreacher must be treated with kindness and respect.

Techno-human hybridity has, as one might expect, received less critical attention from scholars of children’s fiction than discussions of the representation of the animal or the natural world, although what has emerged has been more pointedly interested in posthumanism. ” (222). The answer she provides is near encyclopedic in its exploration of young adult science fiction and her broad-brush approach, whereby she discusses over twenty-five texts across a single article, is in keeping with the nascent nature of her enquiry.

Gulliver’s experience of Houyhnhnmland completely deconstructs rational understandings of the human. It also radically shifts notions of human-animal relations, speaking directly, as many critics have shown, to eighteenth-century philosophical debates concerning the boundaries between animals and humans. Gulliver’s understanding of the equine nation progressively shifts from a naturalized expectation of mastery, espoused in his initial encounter with a dappled Grey whom he approaches like a jockey “going to handle a strange Horse” (210), to a realization that these creatures represent “an excellent people” (257)—thinking that embodies David Sztybel’s claims that humanity must “eventually adopt the proposal that many nonhuman animals are persons” (246).

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