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By David Michael Kleinberg-Levin

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Ahead of the Voice of cause is a phenomenological critique of cause grounded in our adventure of the voices that already tackle us and summon us ahead of the emergence of the voice of cause. partly one, David Michael Kleinberg-Levin explores the voices of nature and attracts on Merleau-Ponty's phenomenology to supply a brand new state of mind approximately environmental accountability. partly , he seems to be on the voice of the ethical legislation and the voices of alternative people, advances a extra nuanced account of Levinas's contrast among "Saying" and "Said," and proposes a brand new argument for our accountability to the opposite.

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For Levinas, this is, on the contrary, an asymmetrical ethical relation of supererogatory obligation. But, for our voices to make contact with their social and ethical origination—to become truly human voices capable of “speaking humanly”, we need to develop our capacity to hear. 47 The ethical relation requires that the voice come from and return to such a listening. This is its openness, its exposure, its vulnerability—its responsibility for responsiveness. Such is the human voice, listening, summoned to become memory, drawing inspiration from an ethical origin not entirely forgotten and forsaken.

Is there not great significance to be derived from this common origin? In the involuntariness of weeping, there prevails, beyond every relation to a singularity, the expression of a utopian wish for a redeemed world. As I first argued in an earlier work, The Opening of Vision, the ethical root of vision, of our capacity to see, is weeping, that moment, underlying the settled structure of the subject and object, in which what binds is an unsettling affective connection, an experience that the eyes are incapable of seeing clearly and distinctly.

40 If, for Hegel, “the work of art is,” as Horowitz says, “spirit’s survival of nature’s death in essentially 20 • Before the Voice of Reason sensuous forms”,41 we might think of ecologically attuned consciousness as an urgent task of spirit: as the spirit’s attempt to survive by reanimating a dying nature in the form of a concrete, material practice, a practice related to social and cultural institutions. I am accordingly proposing in my chapters on Merleau-Ponty that we understand ecology in terms of an experience with the human voice: as a form of consciousness, or rather, as a practice of the self constitutive of a new form of subjectivity, in which we would attend to the echoes within the voice we call “our own,” attend to the sounds and voices of nature, letting those sounds and voices that gather within our voice echo and resound within us, bringing us closer in attunement to the realm of nature, not only summoning us, but teaching us their language, giving us sounds we turn into syllables, forever thereby, however, separating the human voice from the voices of nature, which remain dependent for their redemption on the human voice.

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