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By Heinz J. Nowarra

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J. Ashfield. One test pilot, additional to Harry Hawker, was the man who in later life became Col The Master of Sempill. Baron Sempill a very eminent figure in British aviation and who will later be named again in connection with the Sopwith Cuckoo. Whatever name or designation they may have gone by, it eem tolerably certain that the Robey-built Gun Buses were constructed with bombing in mind; for not only was the pilot moved to the front cockpit in the lengthened nacelle, but there were underwing carriers (set close inboard) for four-and latterly, with reduced petrol capacity, six-65 Ib bombs.

71 we ask for. I replied £ 15, and received a cheque for that amount. Strange as it may seem. ' That the wings of the Sopwith Type 807 had no stagger-though its near-relation the 1914 Circuit Scaplane did incorporate this feature-is probably due to the wingfolding requircment; and this consideration, jointly with that for a good field of view, must ha ve dominated the design. Though the Type 807 appeared in more than one version (or with relatively minor alterations) this fact is of secondary importance.

Kemp. Caution having earlier been exercised in noting that 'Clearly, these seaplanes were underpowered'. that 'the lower wing were of at least two different spans' and that 'engine installations may well have varied' (though meaning, in that connection, installations of the 100 hp Gnome Monosoupape) one final qualification may now be added: in at least one superficially similar Sopwith seaplane operated in the Dardanelle an installation could possibly have been made of a (presumably more powerful) water-cooled engine, this having a frontal radiator and thus giving the appearance of an unequl-span Type 860-two examples of which type did, in fact, go to the Dardanelles-though havlllg no underwing Ooats for lateral stability.

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