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By Dennis R. Jenkins

ISBN-10: 1580070140

ISBN-13: 9781580070140

The Harrier is without doubt one of the few examples of a overseas airplane that has been winning in American army provider. This quantity grants distinctive details at the XV-6 Kestral; US Marine AV-8 Harriers; Royal military Sea Harriers; Falkland Islands strive against; evening assault Harriers; and the Harrier's provider in Spain, Italy, India and Thailand. crammed cover-to-cover with classic photographs, drawings, and exploded perspectives. WarbirdTech 21.

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Falkland Islands Operation Corporate focused the World's attention on a small island off the coast of South America, and also on the Harrier. It was the GR3 and the FRS1 that were the first Harriers to see combat during April-June 1982. 1 Squadron were ferried across the Atlantic with numerous in-flight refuelings and a brief stop on Ascension Island. When the RN task force sailed from Portsmouth on 5 April 1982, a total of 28 Sea Harriers were available for service, and 24 of these were embarked aboard HMS Hermes and Invincible.

I..... \ HARRIERS FOR THE ROYAL NAVY requirement led directly to the first ideas, and the large-deck carrier tests of a V/STOL aircraft aboard a program was cancelled in 1966. ship when XP831 landed aboard The decision at this time was that HMS Ark Royal on 8 February 1963. the Fleet Air Arm would continue These tests were sufficiently suc- to operate their Phantoms and cessful for the Royal Navy to sup- Buccaneers from existing ships port a maritime version of the pro- until they were retired.

British Aerospace) Indian Sea Harriers India is the only other nation to purchase the Sea Harrier, although Italy considered the aircraft before deciding on the AV-8B instead. The Hawker two-seat demonstrator (G-VTOL) first flew from the Indian carrier INS Vikrant in July 1972, but it took until December 1979 for six Sea Harrier Mk 51 s and two Harrier Mk 60 trainers to be ordered. The Mk 51 s were essentially the same as the FRS1, while the Mk 60 twoseater was based on the T4N. 550 Magic airto-air missiles for the normal USmade AIM-9 Sidewinders.

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