Grant Morrison, Richard Metzger's Book of Lies: The Disinformation Guide to Magick and the PDF

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By Grant Morrison, Richard Metzger

Disinformation’s "wicked warlock" Richard Metzger gathers an extraordinary cabal of contemporary occultists, -magicians, and ahead thinkers within the most recent within the sequence of the massive layout Disinformation courses. simply as Russ Kick’s 3 courses targeting secrets and techniques and lies from the mainstream media, govt, and different institution associations rethought what a political technology e-book may possibly seem like and whom it can entice, Book of Lies redefines occult anthologies, packaging and proposing an enormous array of magical essays for a popular culture viewers. just a few of the contents:

An advent through comics genius provide Morrison, who additionally contributes a three-part article on Pop Magick.
Mark Pesce, writer of The Playful World, compares machine programming and spellcasting.
Genesis P-Orridge, father of commercial track and Rave tradition explains how samples in a rave music may have magical effects.
Paul Laffoley discusses his magical creative techniques (Metzger compares Laffoley to Merlin the Magician).
Magical Thinking—an prolonged excerpt from Daniel Pinchbeck’s Breaking Open the Head.
William Burroughs and the occult.
Nevill Drury, Australia’s so much famous occult author, tells of Dion Fortune, Austin Spare, and Rosaleen Norton.
Why Does Aleister Crowley nonetheless Matter?
Donald Tyson’s "The Enochian Apocalypse Working." have been the seeds of the tip of the realm sown within the Elizabethan era?.
The first ever biographical essay on Marjorie Cameron, the interesting personality from Los Angeles’ occult and beatnik scene.
Hitler and the occult—Peter Levenda interview by way of Tracy Twyman.
Robert Temple on how his publication The Sirius Mystery’s, debatable thesis (for which he used to be ridiculed) used to be confirmed by way of the Hubble telescope twenty-five years overdue.
An particular Anton LaVey interview through Michael Moynihan, writer of best-selling booklet Lords of Chaos.
Erik Davis, writer of Techgnosis, appears to be like at H. P. -Lovecraft’s Magick Realism.

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What is empirically possible for a human being is not something we can answer a priori, with assertions based on what we have experienced so far, any more than we can rule out the possibility of Counselor Troy's feeling someone else's feelings because no one I know, so far, has. " And we have shown that it makes good sense to expand our characterization in that way. Even though the reader may not personally have experienced his or her awareness per se directly, we still want to leave room for those who may have done so.

Katz, "Language, Epistemology and Mysticism," p. 46. 15. , p. 26. 16. This thesis permeates Proudfoot's entire Religious Experience, but see especially pp. 119-154. 17. These two are the main character is Chandogya Upanisad 6:8. We know very little about Svetaketu, who is presented primarily as a foil for his father. I use his name as archetype, not as portrait. 18.

Though the content of our minds is no doubt profoundly different, in order to gain a PCE we must all be able to temporarily let go of the contents of our own minds, whatever they may be, similarly. This utterly human pattern implies several things. Based on these parallels in both the structure of being human and the deconstructive processes involved in bringing about mystical experiences, it makes sense to do cross- 28 THE INNATE CAPACITY cultural comparative work in the philosophy of mind, cognitive psychology, mysticism, spirituality, and religion.

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