Cancun & Cozumel & The Riviera Maya Alive! 3rd Edition by Bruce W. Conord, June Conord, Janet Arrowood PDF

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By Bruce W. Conord, June Conord, Janet Arrowood

ISBN-10: 1588434087

ISBN-13: 9781588434081

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The shadow of a serpent appears to undulate down the steps of the pyramid of Kukulcán at Chichén Itzá. 21 March: Birthday of Benito Juárez. March/Apr: Easter Sunday. Perhaps the most holy day in Mexico. The week preceding is La Semana Santa (Holy Week). Holidays & Festivals p 45 ˜ APRIL End of Apr/beginning of May: International Yacht Races, Isla Mujeres. El Cedral Fair, Cozumel. ˜ MAY 1 May: Labor Day (legal holiday). 2-3 May: International Deep-Sea Fishing Tournament, Cozumel. 5 May: Cinco de Mayo.

Weights, measures and temperatures are given in metric. Gasoline is sold by the liter and distances are measured by kilometers. Dates are expressed with the day first, followed by the month (Christmas Day is written 25/12). Getting Ready Numerous tourist information booths at the airport and in downtown Cancún advertise free trips to Isla Mujeres, discounted tours or car rentals, gifts, free Jungle Tours, etc. These are mostly time-share promotions that require what is euphemistically called “an hour” of your time.

These phones are everywhere in Cancún and, although convenient, charges are upwards of US $25 for the first minute! It’s a rip-off aimed at young vacationers who might not have major phone company cards. Internet & E-mail Internet cafés are the main resource for local people to send & receive e-mail. Every town has one or more, so just go in and sign on. It costs about $5 an hour. Things to Buy Mexico leads the world in silver (plata) production. Silver and gold jewelry, pottery, hammocks, honey, embroidered dresses, T-shirts, folk art, Panama hats, men’s guayabera shirts, wood carvings, pewter, and blankets.

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Cancun & Cozumel & The Riviera Maya Alive! 3rd Edition (Hunter Travel Guides) by Bruce W. Conord, June Conord, Janet Arrowood

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