New PDF release: Capital financiero, propiedad inmobiliaria y cultura

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By David Harvey Neil Smith

ISBN-10: 8489771111

ISBN-13: 9788489771116

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C. Used by permission of Museo del Prado. il The Jewish National and University Library of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Used by permission of the National Gallery, London. Used by permission of the Bibliotheque National de France. Used by permission of the New York Public Library, Rare Books Division. Used by permission of the Royal Geographical Society, London. Used by permission of the Bodleian Library, Oxford, England. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Taylor, Andrew, 1951— The world of Gerard Mercator / Andrew Taylor, p.

But however much the burghers of the town admired the piece, it could never be reproduced, except by starting from scratch with a new map. BEHAIM'S TIMING, though, was unfortunate from an even more important point of view. As he was completing his model of the world, the world itself was changing beyond recognition. In Spain, the armies of Ferdinand and Isabella finally drove the Moors out of Grenada, breaking their last fingerhold in Europe and ending an Islamic presence that had lasted nearly eight centuries and enriched the country with art, literature, science, and trade.

Ptolemy's Geographia was only one of a range of classical works that flooded off the new presses to feed the public's apparently insatiable appetite. As these books were shipped around the continent, they invigorated and inspired learning not just in the palaces, monasteries, and great houses that had always collected rare and expensive manuscripts, but also in the studies of poor students. Without the explosion of printing, Mercator would never even have seen many of the books that enthused him at Leuven.

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